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What to Expect


MINDSET - leaving the past behind, experimental exercises in forgiveness, and the art of moving on.

AFFIRMATIONS AND MEDITATIONS - learning to rid yourself of negative talk.

SELF-WORTH - creatively working together towards a belief that you are worth your health and looking fabulous.

DAILY FOOD TRACKING - think of it as a bank account; if you don’t track you will overdraft your account.

EXERCISES - tips and tricks for simple exercises, building proper posture, stretching exercises, and creative ways to move more.

GAMES - prizes each week for winning at BINGO.

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ACCOUNTABILITY - 6 weeks of group coaching!

ACCOUNTABILITY MONDAYS - Each Monday there will be a 60-minute accountability call on Zoom … 20-30 minutes of teaching, quick meditation, a circle of accountability, BINGO card update, and a time for sharing our struggles and setting new goals for the coming week.  This is a wonderful time to get a “shot in the arm” for the new week.

DAILY APP ACCOUNTABILITY - each day you will privately post on an app to let me know what you ate.  Every day that you are accountable is another day closer to your healthy goals.  I am here for you.

I Need Accountability!

SUPPORT -  6 weeks of resources for success!

This program was created to support you during this journey.  Not only will I be here guiding you, but other students will also be cheering you on as well!

WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS - Once a week I will have office hours where you can jump on Zoom and chat with me if you have questions, frustrations, need a hug, new ideas, or suggestions. This is a time to ask anything, be real, and to know that I am your biggest cheerleader.

RESOURCES - Information on applicable apps for tracking, exercise equipment, healthy recipes, and more.

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