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For over 3 years, I have inspired my audience to make the next chapter of their lives the best chapter ever! I have motivated my audience to think outside the box. Reach Higher. Stretch. Be Adventurous and Never Settle! Age is only a number... the heart is eternal.  

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After 45 years of being on a continual cycle of dieting, bingeing and then gaining the weight back, I finally said enough was enough! My new course, From the Inside Out, covers my 3 pillars of Mindset, Body and Style. I teach everything I have learned about mindset, healthy eating, exercise and forged my own path.

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Ever since I was a little girl, I adored fashion. Even at my heaviest weight (275lbs), I still dressed like a fashionista.  I am now a certified
image consultant offering ladies not only the outside transformation but
also enhancing their beauty through color and style!

Timeless Beauty
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